Story songs

New York Kaleidoscope
New York Kaleidoscope A driving song that captures the sights, sounds and energy of Manhattan, featuring Alexis Van Eeckhout's soaring saxophone and a blistering guitar-solo from Chieli Minucci (of 'Special EFX' fame).  
   Album:  Atlantic Avenue

Where the Story Starts
Where the Story Starts This song was penned up on the hill behind my house in France, as the sun slipped over the horizon and the crickets began to still ... I was reflecting on my new-found roots. 
   Album:  Russian Dolls

A Simple Twist of Fate
A Simple Twist of Fate One of the most atmospheric story-songs Dylan ever penned. The arrangement gains in intensity as the story unfolds. The lyrics are those Dylan used in most of his 690 odd concert performances of the song. 
   Album:  Feel My Love

Tree Trunks and Rough Stone
Tree Trunks and Rough Stone I love the simple honesty of old farm-houses, built of local rough-hewn stone and felled tree-trunks. I chose to live in one, and I imagined that I would die there. With the haunting accordion playing of Gérard Lamolère. 
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

America, Come Weep
America, Come Weep A country ballad about a waitress in a diner, who is longing for the open highway, and lamenting the missed turnings on the country's road toward the American Dream. 
   Album:  Echoes, Waves or Ricochets