Kick back & relax

One Way Conversations
One Way Conversations It was when she sent me back all my love-letters that I realised that our conversations had been strictly one-way! With the fabulous silky tenor-sax playing of Alexis Van Eeckhout.  
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Beyond the Horizon
Beyond the Horizon You can almost feel the horse swaying beneath me as I pick my way through this delightful song. If the melody is familiar, it's because Dylan borrowed it from Red Sails in the Sunset
   Album:  Feel My Love

Evensong A gentle, laid-back song for the end of a perfect day. 
   Album:  Echoes, Waves or Ricochets

Run Like the River
Run Like the River A lyrical reflection on the transience of Life, to an intricate guitar accompaniment, subtly accented by Coco Correch's rhythmic double-bass. 
   Album:  Atlantic Avenue