Anthem This exquisite song opens to a gently undulating beat and soars to a dramatic orchestral climax. The revelation that imperfection provides illumination is profound. With Michel 'Coco' Correch on double-bass. 
   Album:  Dance Me To The End Of Love

To Love Somebody
To Love Somebody The first three tracks were recorded live at Puits de Jour in Lauzerte, SW France by Mathieu Buchholtz in June 2010. I first heard this sung by Nina Simone, and have been singing it ever since.  
   Album:  Ballads and Blues

Take This Longing
Take This Longing This is the first song on the album about Nico, the iconic singer with Lou Reed's Velvet Underground in the 60's. A perfect distillation of desire, of unrequited passion. I make no apologies for the throbbing cellos. 
   Album:  Dance Me To The End Of Love

Imagine A re-imagined approach to Lennon's masterpiece, arranged for guitars, spoken voice and a small choir. Anne-Emmanuelle Marie wrote the text which she recites in the middle of the piece (in French). 
   Album:  Atlantic Avenue

Bird on the Wire
Bird on the Wire One of my favourite Cohen songs, arranged for two guitars. I've been playing this for so long, and yet it always moves me.  
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Who Knows Where the Time Goes ?
Who Knows Where the Time Goes ? Sandy Denny's immortal classic is the final song on the album, and is sung as a duet with the delightful Amy 'Sugarbee' Caldwell, whom I've never met. (We collaborated on the song via the 'net). One of the finest songs ever written about the fragility of Love in the face of Time. 
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

One Too Many Mornings ...
One Too Many Mornings ... This is the very first Dylan song I absolutely fell in love with. I still play it in concerts and prefer this simpler fingerpicked treatment to the versions with The Band. This track is included from my Who Knows Where the Time Goes? album.  
   Album:  Feel My Love

The Rose
The Rose Maybe it was because it was the day before Valentine's Day, but I heard Bette Midler's version of this on the radio as I was putting the album together, and was blown away by it. It seemed only natural to include it on an album which was themed on Love and the passage of Time. 
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes