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Anne-Em’ & Michel Griffin - Bras Dessus Bras Dessous [Claude Nougaro]
Anne-Em’ & Michel Griffin - Dîtes-moi [Michel Jonasz]
Anne-Em’ & Michel Griffin - Over the Moon [Michel Griffin]
Babette - Avec le Temps [Léo Ferré]
Babette - Chez Laurette [Michel Delpech]
Babette - L’Homme à la Moto [Edith Piaf]
Babette - La Vie En Rose [Edith Piaf & Louiguy]
Babette & Tauba Schoenbeck - Comme un Oiseau [Mellac & Schoenbeck]
Bill Smith - Mississippi Blues [Willie Brown]
Bleu Charrette - Baby Blues [James Armstrong & Sacha Touw]
Bleu Charrette - I Ain’t [James Armstrong]
Bleu Charrette - Song for Jenny [James Armstrong]
Bluemary Swing - Take Five [Dave Brubeck]
Brian Harpwood - Driving my life away [Rhett Atkins]
Bumets - Everywhere Calypso [Sonny Rollins]
Bumets - Le Blues à 12/8 [A. & C. Germain]
Bumets - Lullaby of Birdland [George Shearing]
Bumets - One Note Samba [Carlos Jobim]
Bunny Lowe, Judy Blair & Coco Correch - On the Sunny Side of the Street [Fields & McHugh]
Christian Bonnet & Coco Correch - My Funny Valentine [Rogers & Hart]
Christian Bonnet & Coco Correch - What a Wonderful World [Louis Armstrong]
Clément Calles & Jean-Paul Piquard - Cannonball Rag [Merle Travis]
Claire Aberlenc & The Soul Sisters - My Babe [Willie Dixon]
Daniel Prévoteau, Béatrice Quésada & Hughes Eon - L’Echo des étoiles [Maxime Leforestier]
Daniel Prévoteau, Béatrice Quésada & Hughes Eon - L’Echo des étoiles en plan d’ensemble [Maxime Leforestier]
Daniel Prévoteau, Béatrice Quésada & Hughes Eon - P’tite Fleur Fanée [Georges Fourcade & Jules Fossy]
Dave Kirk - Final Flight [Dave Kirk]
Dave Kirk - In My Life [John Lennon]
Dave Kirk - Soft Spring Rain [Dave Kirk]
Didier Gaillien - J’Vis Tout Nu [Didier Gaillien]
Didier Gaillien & Daniel Prévoteau - Les Passantes [Georges Brassens & Antoine Pol]
Didier Gaillien & Daniel Prévoteau - l’Auvergnat [Georges Brassens]
Didier Gaillien + Coco Correch - La Ballade Irlandaise [Eddy Marnay & Emile Stern]
Didier Gaillien + Coco Correch - La Java des Bombes Atomiques [Boris Vian]
Didier Gaillien with Michel Griffin - Le Journal [Didier Gaillien]
Didier Gaillien, Jacques Quéva, Coco Correch - Les Ballons rouges [Serge Lama]
Didier Gallien - La Révision Mécanique [Didier Gallien]
Dik Banovich - Ain’t Nobody’s Business [Porter Grainger & Everett Robbins]
Dominique Pichoff - Avec Elégance [Jacques Brel]
Dominique Pichoff - Je ne sais pas [Jacques Brel]
Dominique Pichoff - La Chanson des Vieux Amants [Jacques Brel]
Dominique Pichoff - Le Petit Bal Perdu [Robert Nyel & Gaby Verlor]
Dominique Pichoff - Les Vieux [Jacques Brel]
Dominique Pichoff - Sans Exigences [Jacques Brel]
Duo Bensa-Cardinot - Elite Syncopations [Scott Joplin]
Duo Bensa-Cardinot - Manha de Carnaval [Luiz Bonfa & Antonio Maria’]
Duo Jougen - Polka [Shostakovitch]
Frédéric Daubié - Come Prima [Mario Panzeri, Vincenzo Di Paola & Sandro Taccani]
Frédéric Daubié - O Sole Mio [Di Capua]
Frédéric Daubié - Roses de Picardie et Mack the Knife [Haydn Wood, Kurt Weil, Bertolt Brecht]
Fran Ray - Circles [Francesca Graziano]
Fran Ray - Fever [Eddie Cooley, John Davenport & Peggy Lee]
Francis Nouet - Blackbird [Paul McCartney]
Francis Nouet - La Mauvaise Reputation [Georges Brassens]
Francis Nouet & CMJN - Barbara [Francis Nouet]
Gérard del Volgo - Che Guevara Song/Hasta Siempre Comandante [Carlos Puebla]
Gregg Weiss - I usually buy the fish [Gregg Weiss]
Harpwood - Speed of the sound of loneliness [John Prine]
JazzPot - A Quoi ça Sert, l’Amour ? [Michel Emer]
JazzPot - Comes Love [Lew Brown, Sam Stept & Charles Tobias]
Jazzmospheric - Bois ta mousse, fils [Claude Préchac]
Jean-Paul Piquard - Printemps [Jean-Paul Piquard]
L’Os Dahu - Agua de Beber [Carlos Jobim]
L’Os Dahu - Marie-Jeanne [Bobbie Gentry]
L’Os Dahu - Sunny [Bobby Hebb]
L’Os Dahu - Unchain My Heart [Ray Charles]
Laura Dajean et Chloé Smaali - Le Sud [Nino Ferrer]
Laura Dajean et Chloé Smaali - Sunshine [Laura Dajean et Chloé Smaali]
Lonesome Wally - Barnyard [Lonesome Wally]
Mark Newman - Celtic Medley [Various]
Mark Newman - Park Bench [Langston Hughes arr. Mark Newman]
Mark Newman - Summertime [George & Ira Gershwin]
Mark Newman & Michel Griffin - Angie [Davey Graham]
Mark Newman & Michel Griffin - Everyday [Buddy Holly]
Mark Newman & Michel Griffin - Glory of Love [Billy Hill]
Michel Griffin - Anthem [Leonard Cohen]
Michel Griffin - Fire & Rain [James Taylor]
Michel Griffin - Fur Elise [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin - Halleluia [Leonard Cohen]
Michel Griffin - One Too Many Mornings [Bob Dylan]
Michel Griffin - Streets Of London [Ralph McTell]
Michel Griffin - Where the Story Starts [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Atlantic Avenue [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Corrina, Corrina [Traditional]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Deep Inside the Night [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Dimanche (Caresse Moi) [Yves Jamait]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright [Bob Dylan]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Halleluia [Leonard Cohen]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - I’ll Keep It With Mine [Bob Dylan]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - One Way Conversations [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - The Water is Wide [Traditional]
Michel Griffin & Frenchie Dègre - Who Whips the Cream ? [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & Mark Newman - All Along the Watchtower [Bob Dylan]
Michel Griffin & Mark Newman - Last Thing on my Mind [Tom Paxton]
Michel Griffin & Mark Newman - Nobody Knows You When You Are Down & Out [Jimmy Cox]
Michel Griffin & Mark Newman - Who Knows Where the Time Goes ? [Sandy Denny]
Michel Griffin & Soledad - L’Encre de Tes Yeux [Francis Cabrel]
Michel Griffin & friends - Kansas City Blues [Lieber & Stoller]
Michel Griffin & friends - Les Copains d’Abord [Georges Brassens]
Michel Griffin & friends - Make Me Down a Pallet [Mississippi John Hurt]
Michel Griffin & friends - Perfumed Letter Blues [Michel Griffin]
Michel Griffin & friends - Sitting on Top of the World [Walter Vinson & Lonnie Chatmon]
Michel Griffin & friends - Turn Your Money Green [Furry Lewis]
Michel Griffin & friends - Welcome [Various]
Michel Griffin, Frenchie Dègre & Coco Correch - Black, Brown and White [Big Bill Broonzy]
Michel Griffin, Mark Newman & Frenchie Dègre - Baby, How Long ? [Howlin’ Wolf]
Michel Griffin, Mark Newman & Frenchie Dègre - To Love Somebody [Robin & Barry Gibb]
Michel Herblin - Alexis [Michel Herblin]
Michel Herblin - Jacava [Michel Herblin]
Michel Herblin & Freed - An Englishman in New York [Sting]
Mister Tchang & Easy Money - Sweet Home, Chicago [Robert Johnson]
Neil Innes - One of Those People [Neil Innes]
Patrick Jullian - Gracias a la Vida [Violeta Parra]
Patrick Jullian et filles - La Montagne [Jean Ferrat]
Patrick Jullian et filles - Le Facteur [Gorges Moustaki]
Pete Berryman - Nuages Medley [Django Reinhardt]
Peter Knight’s Gigspanner - The Water is Wide [Traditional]
Rag Mama Rag - Crossroads [Robert Johnson]
Rag Mama Rag - Waiting For My Girl To Call [Ashley Dow]
Rapsody - Chez Laurette [Michel Delpech]
Richard Morgan - Fort Worth Blues [Steve Earle]
SofandCo (Sophie Celdran, Frenchie, Richard Hubbard & Jean Claude Chabran) - Hoochie Coochie Man [Willie Dixon]
Soledad - Historia de un Amor [Carlos Eleta Almarán]
Soledad - Je l’aime à mourir [Francis Cabrel]
Soledad - Karantez Vro [Anjela Duval, trad. Sophie Celdran]
Soledad - La Llorona [Traditional]
Soledad - Piensa En Mi [Agustin Lara]
Soledad - Solécanta [Soledad]
Soledad - The Son of a Preacher Man [John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins]
Soledad & Michel Griffin - Je l’aime à mourir [Francis Cabrel]
Soledad & Michel Griffin - Summertime, and two Francis Cabrel songs [George & Ira Gershwin/Francis Cabrel]
Stephane Home - Bluegrass Medley [Doc Watson]
Stephane Home - Blues Medley 1 [Various]
Stephane Home - Blues Medley 2 [Various]
Stephane Home - Blues Medley 3 [Various]
Tauba Schoenbeck - Jusqu’à Quand [Tauba Schoenbeck]
Taxi Blues - Diving Duck Blues [Sleepy John Estes]
Thierry Guerin - Je ne suis plus (Nos temples) [Thierry Guerin]
Thierry Guerin - La Chaine Alimentaire [Thierry Guerin]
Tildon Krautz - Little White Cloud [Gabi Swiatkowska]
Tony Calmer & Stayloose - Wild Horses [Mick Jaqgger/Keith Richards]
Trio Indigo - The world looks away [Karan Casey]
Wood’s Lot - Silence [Philippe & Dylvie Druot]
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Cahors Folk-Club has its own YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe - which would enable you to comment, rate and elect to be informed when a new video is added .

New Location (May 2012)

The folk-club moved in May 2012 to the château de Labastide Marnhac, and now takes place on the last Friday of each month. There is a schedule of forthcoming concerts on the Concerts page. My thanks to David Gabella for his enthusiasm, his dedication, and all his hard work on behalf of the club over the four years that he hosted us at the Carré d'Art.

Cahors Folk Club in the news (December 2009)

Unbeknownst to me or Mark Newman, there was evidently a journalist covering the November 2009 session of the Cahors Folk Club, because the following Saturday, this article appeared in La Dépêche, underneath a photo [left] of us jamming with Michel 'Coco' Correch (double-bass) and Marcel 'Frenchie' Dègre (harmonica).

I'm the one with the hat !

Le Petit Journal (10 December 2008) [By Geneviève Marty]

Every kind of Art is represented at David Gabella's convivial gallery in rue Pélegry. On the evening of 26th November, the space was dedicated to folk music, with keen English guitarists Mark Newman and Michel Griffin, and their singer and musician friends. There was a sellout crowd - an informed audience, some French, some English.

The evening went like clockwork. In fact, since last March, this group of musicians has got together in the delightful tea room gallery once a month. Presented with flair and humor, some with improvised double-bass or harmonica accompaniment, performers follow one another on stage with a series of songs in French or English - some sufficiently well-known that the audience joins in.

Michel Griffin, jazzy poet, by turns clown or romantic, presents his own songs in a charming mid-Atlantic French accent and with his beautiful deep, soft warm voice. Already known on British (BBC) radio, he arrived in France in 2000 'with the new millenium' and has recorded four CDs.