Love songs

The Slipstream of Your Smile
The Slipstream of Your Smile A song to capture the magic of those moments when your lover holds you captive with her eyes. With Alexis Van Eekhout's silky sax and Michel 'Coco' Correch's rhythmic double-bass. 
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Who Whips the Cream?
Who Whips the Cream? The song has an almost Samba rhythm, with its delicate Spanish guitar accompaniment. I wrote the song after the breakup of my first marriage. 
   Album:  Russian Dolls

Another Way of Looking
Another Way of Looking A lyrical evocation of that moment of realisation that a long-term relationship is coming to an end. " Frenchie " Dègre's harp-playing has never been more plangent. 
   Album:  Atlantic Avenue

August Morning
August Morning Crystal-clear guitars herald the arrival of a new summer's day. The vocal is low and warm, and the smooth vocal harmonies are provided by Maryline Dumont. 
   Album:  Russian Dolls

Pour la Première Fois
Pour la Première Fois 'When that look of yours first cut through my heart, I wanted so much for that look to last a lifetime ...' A french love- song that starts softly and climaxes with a wild horn solo set against lush strings. 
   Album:  Echoes, Waves or Ricochets