Kick back and relax songs

One Way Conversations
One Way Conversations It was when she sent me back all my love-letters that I realised that our conversations had been strictly one-way! With the fabulous silky tenor-sax playing of Alexis Van Eeckhout.  
   Album:  Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Children of Circumstance
Children of Circumstance Edgy, atmospheric, electric. A lonely man contemplates a past he cannot change: One of the more poignant tracks on the album. 
   Album:  Russian Dolls

Evensong A gentle, laid-back song for the end of a perfect day. 
   Album:  Echoes, Waves or Ricochets

Run Like the River
Run Like the River A lyrical reflection on the transience of Life, to an intricate guitar accompaniment, subtly accented by Coco Correch's rhythmic double-bass. 
   Album:  Atlantic Avenue

The Poet's Smile
The Poet 'The Poet's Smile' speaks of someone who was so concerned with his image that he lost his true self. The sparest song on the album, it came out in the studio in a single take, with Michel accompanying his poignant lyrics with some simple guitar- picking. 
   Album:  Russian Dolls