True Love


True love don't take no prisoners
True love don't carry no chains
True love don't stake no claims, no:
True love falls like the summer rain.

True love don't ask no questions
True love don't tell no lies
True love don't have no doubts, no:
True love is certain, like an arrow in flight.

True love is a whole new universe
True love is an open book
True love is that wave of tenderness
You roll through me with just one look.

True love don't raise its voice, no
True love don't change its tune
True love don't follow no fashion
True love is solid, like the rocks on the moon.

True love's forever, or that's how it seems
Three parts adrenalin to one part dreams;
True love is confidence, true love is true;
True love is jumping with no parachute.

True love's forever, or that's how it seems ...

Copyright © M.J.C. Griffin & VineValley Music [ASCAP]
True Love

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